Floor grinding and polishing machine INNOVATIONS
Welcome to the world of XINGYI, where you get the latest innovations, grinding, finishing, polishing, and cleaning the concrete floor.
We aim to offer you the fastest and easiest high quality concrete floor solutions in the market.


#WOC2024 we are ready.

1/3/2024    秩名
Come and attend the 2024 Xingyi WOC Exhibition! Learn about our cutting-edge grinders, vacuums, pads and chemicals.
Visit us January 23-25, 2024 in booth 032030 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Do not miss this opportunity to explore our innovative solutions. See you there then!

We will bring brand new products, professional teams, excellent demonstrations and giveaways to give you the best experience!
🔥Propane grinders and vacuum, one of the most powerful grinders, in brand new design.
🔥All sizes of electrical polishing machines and surface prep machines.
🔥Special prices for all the models as well as packaging deals.
🔥Demonstration for polishing & surface prep machines each day on demand.
🔥Live stream 11-12 am every day and then giveaways.
🎁Draw a prize at 3:30pm every day. Please fill in the card by 3 pm to participate in the  draw of the day. One for 1st prize, two for 2nd prize and 3 for 3rd prize. We will surprise you with the practical and valuable gifts.