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Why it is XY 250D

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XY 250D

Edge grinding machine

A portable and multifunctional smaller edger grinder, which is suitable for corner jobs and narrow areas, such as balconies, kitchens, restrooms... There are various speeds(250VS) and single speed(250D) for your choices, small while helpful. If you are still using hand power tools, why not choose this portable edge grinder to protect ourselves?

portable weight and adjustable grinding heads, no need to kneel down during working near the walls. Diamond/resin pads, cup wheels, bush hammers, different abrasives can be attached. Easy reach voltage (110V or 220v single phase), even a new operator can handle it within several minutes.

Edge grinding/polishing


XY 250D

Working width:

250mm /

Motor Power:


110v / 220v single phase

Working speed:





70kg/ 154lbs

Packing size:


Acceptable tools:

Diamond/resin pads, cup wheels,

bush hammers

Package with:

Standard maintenance bag

Adaptor for resin pad

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