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Why it is XY 955LE

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XY 955LE


XY-955LE is a smart ride-on, remote control and self-propelled grinder. Introduced to the market in August 2021, it is the largest and most powerful remote-controlled floor grinder in the Xingyi Range. 

The remote control sets the operator free to manage hoses and cables while still grinding, for up to 40% higher productivity. With our patented gear-drive gearbox design, this is a powerful choice for most grinding jobs, both industrial and commercial. The planetary 4-head system delivers extreme productivity. Suitable for all applications: floor prep, grinding and polishing.  Almost 1meter wide (955mm) grinding path, 4 heads, gear drive, 750kg (plenty of grinding force), remote control and you can sit on it like the Floor King. It is so friendly with effortless Transportation by Battery Powered Transportation; with Swing weights, the most practical weight design and multi-functional heads for different pads.

Technical Spec.

XY 955LE

Working width:

955mm / 37.6in

Motor Power:

220V / 380V 3phases 50/60hz

22KW / 29.5HP

rotating speed:

450 - 1500rpm

Φ370mm * 4


Remote control and handle control

Water Tank:




Packing size:


Acceptable tools:

Standard magnetic holder

Customized design accepted

Package with:

Cable and adaptor

Standard maintenance tools box

resin pad holder x 12 pieces

  Diamond tools please check here.

  Dust Collector please check here.

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