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Why it is XY 800LE

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XY 800LE


A 800mm self-propelled and heavy duty design floor grinder, now it is serving in more than 100 countries/areas. If there is a grinder that can combine high efficiency and affordable costs, this grinder will be one great choice. Getting rid of heavy flooring workloads, now we do no need to push or pull the machine, just shift the forward/backward switch, flooring grinding and polishing jobs is so easy with this machine.

Self-propelled system

Equipping with a self-driven system is a big leap for floor grinding machines, so the operator can get rid of heavy flooring workloads, no need to push or pull, this can improve the working efficiency a lot. Compared with the traditional walk behind machines, self propelled machines are more user friendly and high efficiency, which will gradually replace them in the middle and big projects.

Heavy duty design

556kg total weight and adjustable grinding pressures (Max. 400kg), which can help us to cut and grind the floor easily, especially during the big rough grinding jobs. The efficiency is 1.5~2 times as the same size of traditional manual pushed machines.

Consistent speeds travel

The walking speed is consistent because of the highly precise driven system; we can adjust the speed according to the real floor conditions. So during the working, the consistent speed makes uniform grinding/polishing effects, which is quite different from the traditional machines, the efficiency, speeds, and effects much depend on the operator, slow and quick, that is an unknown question.

Technical Spec.

XY 800LE

Working width:

800mm /31.5in

Motor Power:

220V / 380V 3phases 50/60hz


rotating speed:

450 - 1950rpm

Φ256mm * 4or3 heads


adjustable self- propelled

Water Tank:



556kg/ 1226lbs

Packing size:


Acceptable tools:

Standard magnetic holder

Customized design accepted

Package with:

Cable and adaptor

Standard maintenance tools box

resin pad holder x 12 pieces

  Diamond tools please check here.

  Dust Collector please check here.

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