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Why it is GX 580

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GX 580

Planetary Grinding Machine

GX580 2-heads rotary grinding machine from XINGYI, a popular and powerful model. With its enhanced features, the GX580 offers exceptional versatility for various applications, including PCD, grinding tools, polishing pads, and bush hammers.
Speaking of bush hammers, they are indispensable tools for surface preparation. They can efficiently remove old layers and provide a roughened surface, perfect for your next coating job. Additionally, they offer an anti-skid finish, making them an excellent choice for achieving the desired surface texture. Trust the GX580 for all your surface preparation needs.


GX 580

Working Width:


Motor Power:

5.5kw / 7.5kw 

Voltage: 380-480V 3P/200-240V 3P200-240V 1P

Rotating Speed:

350 - 1680rpm350 - 1500rpm 

Grinding Disc: 310mm*2

Mode of Operation:


Water Tank:



218kg/ 228kg

Appearance Size:


  Diamond tools please check here.

  Dust Collector please check here.

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